I had applied for an invitation before the launch, now I finally got it “Amazon Echo”

I tried making my own skill at once.

Regarding the development of skills, there was Amazon ‘s abundant documentation so it was a great help but as I thought it was the first time for me, it was a tough time for several days. Finally the beta version of the drink’s order skill is complete!

What you can do is to order a drink by talking to “Launch Alexa Order Application”.

Tasks ordered automatically add “ordering task” to “wunderlist”, so you can check online on PC or smartphone.

Although it is hard to check the order that entered with out-of-focus in the animation.

Then just provide the drink with the order and delete the task.

It is a simple application like this.

Is it really necessary to recognize “words” in providing services to customers and as a customer experience in the first place? Although there are things that must be studied a lot to the fundamental thing, I realized that even in a ryokan it became an era where such a system can be easily developed!

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