The hotel is closed for about 10 days a year, mainly for the maintenance of equipment and the environment to improve the quality of everybody’s staying.
Taking the new photography tools that the boss has purchased at his own expense, to began the exploration in the hotel.

First of all, I would like to introduce to you the open-air hot spring room – Benifuji, which is the highest and largest among the hotels.
There are 21 open-air hot spring rooms in the hotel, of which 15 are SUISAI. The Benifuji is one of the SUISAI room types. The SUISAI rooms are named by the traditional Japanese hues. The decoration and color matching of each room are different. The room names reflect each other.
* Japanese traditional color means the color often used in Japanese classical literature and is often used in kimono or other traditional crafts.

Benifuji is about 82 square meters in size. In addition to the main room (12 tatami mats), there are also the second room (4.5 tatami mats) and the twin room.
A total of 10 people can be accommodated, so there are 2 sets of toilets and washstands in the room, recommend for small groups or large families.

Because SUISAI does not provide in-room dining, if you choose a Kaiseki plan, you can enjoy the meal in the YAMAZAKURA, a Japanese restaurant on the 6th floor.
If you choose Buffet plan, you can dine at the “Sky Lounge” on the 7th floor.

If you want to book this room type, please use our official website to book!

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