Japanese alcohol has received acclaim and attention from all around the world. A visit to Hakone allows you to taste and even visit some popular and award winning production facilities in the area. Around Hakone you can visit award winning sake breweries, beer factories, and even whiskey distilleries. All these places are wonderful short day trips from Hotel Okada in Hakone.

Asahi Beer

Japanese Beer has a smooth and light taste that has grown in popularity. At the foothills of the Hakone Mountains is the Asahi Beer Factory. Asahi is one of Japan`s most famous beer brands. This location was chosen because of the high quality of water flowing from the base of the mountain. This is a large facility with walking tours and tastings available. The beer factory also has wonderful dining options that include a BBQ of indoor dining. You can reach the Asahi Beer Factory in about 1 hour from the Hotel. Take the train or bus back to Odawara from Hakone Yumoto. At Odawara Station change to the Daiyuzan Train Line. Get off at the final station and take a bus or taxi to the factory. Ask us for more detailed information.

Hakone Craft Beer


Hakone Beer is one of Japan`s earliest and well regarded craft beers. The beer was created to compliment the subtle tastes and flavors of Japanese foods. The beer factory is located in the enjoyable Kamaboko Village. Kamaboko is a traditional Japanese food made from high quality fish that has been ground and steamed. Suzuhiro is the company that makes some of Japan`s finest kamaboko and the Hakone Beer brand. The Kamaboko Village gives you the opportunity to taste the beer in different surroundings and opportunities to try different foods. They have classic beer on tap and a wonderful seasonal selection as well. There is also a beer and sake tasting tour available. Hotel Okada is conveniently located near this culinary adventure locale. The Kamaboko Village is a 10 minute train or bus ride from Hakone Yumoto Station, headed towards Odawara and get off at Kazamatsuri Station.

Inoue Sake Brewery

Inoue Sake Brewery is the producer of the award winning Hakone Yama sake brand. The brewery has been producing sake for more than 100 years in the city of Odawara. You can visit on a guided tour to see the production methods, steps, and equipment needed to produce great sake. Sake is an important part of Japanese culture and identity. Sake is considered Japan`s indigenous alcohol. Sake is used at many religious events in celebration or symbolize the cleansing of the soul. A visit here would give you an insight into the work, dedication, and pride that Japanese sake brewers have. You can take the train or bus back to Odawara from Hakone. Get on the JR Tokaido line headed to Tokyo and get off two stops away at Kozu Station. At Kozu Station change to the JR Gotenba line for Kami-Oi Station. The brewery is a short 10 minute walk through a typical Japanese residential area. An experience to be enjoyed.

Kirin Whiskey


Just over the mountains at the base of Mt. Fuji, in Gotenba City, is the Kirin Whiskey Distillery. Taking advantage of the clean high quality water flowing from the base of Fuji, this factory was established in an area with a climate similar to Scotland. Japanese whiskey has seen wide recognition on the international stage for high quality reserves. Whiskey has a long history in Japan and the flavors and techniques have been on a quest of perfection for centuries. A visit to the whiskey factory gives you the opportunity to see the production facilities and do product tastings on site. It is an amazing experience to see the production and meet the people of this popular drink. The Kirin Whiskey Factory is a excellent day trip from Hakone`s Hotel Okada that would include breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and also a chance to shop at a popular brand outlet. Take the bus from Hakone Yumoto, change at the Sengokuhara bus stop to the bus headed for Gotenba. From Gotenba Station you can take the bus or taxi to the factory.

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